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America to Me

America to Me Education Materials

America to Me is an unscripted documentary series that opens the doors to a high school outside of Chicago, where teachers and students struggle to navigate the racism and privilege inherent to the American education system.

America to Me and the corresponding “Real Talk” discussion guides are used by educators, students and communities in all 50 states, guiding conversations about race and equity in education. Using storytelling to spread empathy and awareness, we can help change the way school ecosystems address equity both inside and outside the classroom. Click on the case studies below to see “America to Me: Real Talk” in action.

The organizer guide is designed to help you use the series as a catalyst for discussion on race, racism and racial equity in America today.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada and want to bring America To Me to your school or organization, you can license the series.

How to talk about race