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Lend Your Social Voice to Little Ones in Need

We are excited to announce the official launch of Plum’s social impact program The Full Effect, dedicated to nourishing babies and toddlers in need across America.

1 in 5 American children are food insecure, meaning that 16 million little ones go without enough nutritious food to eat every day.  As many of us already know, poor nutrition and diet can significantly affect a child’s health, learning ability, eating habits, and well being for life.  At Plum, they believe every little one deserves the nourishment she needs to reach her fullest potential – and we bet you do, too.

Plum Organics is kicking off The Full Effect with a baseline donation of a half a million Super Smoothies, a new organic pouch product designed specifically for donation to babies and tots in need, and a national ‘get the word out’ campaign on the food insecurity epidemic here in the US.  Since the collective impact of our friends and partners is so much bigger, we are asking that you help us spread the message with your online communities.

Today, April 10th, we’re asking all our fans and friends to please go to http://www.plumorganics.com/TheFullEffect to learn more about this cause, and to lend their social voice on behalf of the littlest ones in our country that don’t have one. Please help us amplify the impact: Tweet, Like and share the auto-generated messages with your online communities. We have also included an image if you’d like to attach it to your messages.

Or, you can also help raise awareness by posting the Tweets and Facebook posts below and by sharing the word with your communities via a newsletter or blog.