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HuffPo on ‘TakePart TV’ – New YouTube Channel Targets Millennials

On Tuesday, Participant Television President Evan Shapiro announced the launch of TakePart TV, a YouTube channel that will serve as a digital home for “clever, eye-opening and optimistic content around big issues that face our planet” for millennials ranging from teens to thirtysomethings.

The socially-relevant channel will deliver original programming that consists of news, short-form comedy, animation and nonfiction series featuring such names as Henry Rollins, Dan Savage and Kobe Bryant.

The network’s flagship show is “BFD: Brain Food Daily,” which has five correspondents and will focus on sex, power, media, mind and the planet. Topics in its premiere week include “Rubber Souls: Porn’s New Condom Law,” and “Guidos, Gypsies and Rednecks: Is Reality TV racist?” You can watch an exclusive portion of that segment at the bottom of this article. 

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