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Hollywood Reporter’s Coverage of Toronto Conference and Panel

Toronto: Jeff Skoll Wants Participant Media in Every Country in Ten Years
7:20 AM PDT 9/7/2013 by Etan Vlessing
The Silicon Valley billionaire talked about exponential growth for a company tackling tough social issues, rather than aiming only to win the weekend box office.

TORONTO — It was just another day at the office for Participant Media CEO Jim Berk, where his boss Jeff Skoll dreams the world and leaves his top executives to execute on the vision.

“My dream is that Participant is producing content in every language in every part of the world,” Participant Media founder Skoll told a moguls panel at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday when asked about his foreign language production.

“I believe ten years from now, the majority of our content will be in other languages other than English, and in countries other than the United States,” he added.

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