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IndieWire Review of ‘Made in America’

TIFF Review: Jay Z and Ron Howard’s ‘Made in America’
by John Anderson
September 6, 2013 8:58 PM

There’s an enormous amount of what one might charitably refer to as self-affirmation expressed by the featured performers in “Made in America,” Ron Howard’s collaboration with Jay Z and an account of the Brooklyn rapper-mogul’s first-annual “Made in America” music festival. (The second edition took place a few days ago, again in Philadelphia.)

Such sentiments are hardly alien to the music in the movie, or the message of the festival, which Jay Z intended as a showcase for racial, ethnic and musical diversity. He expresses those sentiments with populist aplomb and diplomatic savvy: “Made in America” ends up a great promotional device for the musicians and the festival, but also for Jay Z himself, who by the end of the doc seems poised for a jump into politics.

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