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‘Denial’ Clip Debuts on The Huffington Post

Rachel Weisz Might As Well Be Talking About Trump In This ‘Denial’ Clip

The Huffington Post  – October 6, 2016

By Matthew Jacobs


“Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want. What you can’t do is lie and then expect not to be accountable for it.”

Anyone spring to mind when you hear those words? Perhaps a certain rabble-rouser who’s seized far too much of our national attention throughout the past year?

In this case, they’re the dramatized words of Deborah Lipstadt, an American historian played by Rachel Weisz in the new movie “Denial.” Lipstadt had to defend her work in an English court when a bloviating Holocaust denier sued her for libel, saying Lipstadt had no proof of Hitler’s mass slaughter. Read more and view the clip here.