Based on a true story.

In a Mexican border town plagued by neglect, corruption, and violence, a frustrated teacher (Eugenio Derbez) tries a radical new method to unleash the curiosity and potential of his students… and maybe even their genius.

Poster for the film Radical.
Christopher Zalla
Ben Odell, Eugenio Derbez, Joshua Davis
Executive Producers
Javier Williams, Josh Bearman, Avelino Rodriguez, Patricia Sanchez
Eugenio Derbez, Daniel Haddad, Jenifer Trejo, Mía Fernanda Solís, Danilo Guardiola Goldin
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The Radical Fund

Radical highlights a widespread challenge in education: potential is everywhere – but opportunity isn’t. Inspired by the true events depicted in the film, the Radical Campaign is raising funds together with Hispanics In Philanthropy to benefit 12 nonprofit organizations working to advance educational equity for Latinx students. To learn more and take action, visit HIPgive.org.

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