Cultures collide. Hope survives.

In 2014, a Chinese billionaire opened a Fuyao factory in a shuttered General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio. For thousands of locals, the arrival of this multinational car-glass manufacturer meant regaining their jobs—and dignity—after the recession left them high and dry. AMERICAN FACTORY 美国工𠂆takes us inside the facility to observe what happens when workers from profoundly different cultures collide.

At first, the culture clash is humorous. Transplanted Chinese workers attend trainings on dealing with their peculiarly casual and “chatty” American counterparts. But tensions mount. Slack safety standards and meager wages ignite serious doubts among the American rank and file. Low productivity and talk of unionization trigger a cascade of controls from Chinese management. Meanwhile, something ominous—the specter of job loss from automation— looms.



American Factory elevated the conversation about the current nature and future of work in the United States.

Participant brought together workers, labor groups, organizations, and corporations to  work across sectors and silos to build a future of work that works for everyone. The American Factory National Tour strengthened these relationships through screenings where community stakeholders committed to supporting workers.

Through partnership development and outreach, the film became a tool for over 300 partner organizations to engage their communities, reaching nearly 150,000 people with the message of the film.

American Factory won numerous awards, most notably the 2019 Academy Award® for Best Documentary.

Take action

Take action

American Factory 美国工𠂆 documents the revitalization of one long-shuttered factory while providing a startling glimpse into a global economic realignment now playing out in towns and cities across the country — and around the world.


of children now entering elementary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist

World Economic Forum, 2016

A changing workplace

As work around the world continues to evolve, so do our conversations.

American Factory 美国工𠂆 demonstrates the impact of relationships, technology, and communication on both our work environments and quality of life. Take a look at some highlights from the film, and take action to advance the conversation on these important issues.


of U.S. millenials said a successful business needs to have a genuine purpose


Poster for the film American Factory.
Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert
Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert, Julie Parker Benello
Mijie Li, Yiqian Zhang
Executive Producers
Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann
Lindsay Utz
Steven Bognar, Aubrey Keith, Jeff Reichert, Julia Reichert, Erick Stoll
Original Music
Chad Cannon
Sound Design
Lawrence Everson
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