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Pivot TV Turns Millennial Content on Its Head

Published on Tuesday, October 15 2013
Written by Jasmine Evaristo

Does my generation really need a television channel exclusively catered to me? When its entertainment incorporates calls to action, I say a resounding YES!

In an age of decadent reality TV, I want something I can truly have a hand in. No, I’m not talking about voting for my favorite dancing celebrity or the next undiscovered chart-topper. I want something reflective of my own reality. Enter Pivot TV, a new network from Participant Media (the company behind flicks like The Help, Contagion, and Lincoln) focused on Generation ‘Me’ — that is, Millennials, ages 15-34. Launched on August 1st, its mission is to provide content that inspires open dialogue and social change. After a year of research, the Pivot team determined that Millennials are more socially inclined than any other demographic. Considering this, the channel is making social integration a pivotal (I couldn’t help myself) part of the equation. The network airs a mix of original and acquired programming with films and documentaries not edited for time or content. Here’s a rundown of what Pivot’s got on tap.

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