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Washington Post Story on Wright Petition / ‘Middle of Nowhere’

After almost a decade, FCC has yet to rule on high cost of prison phone calls

Almost a decade ago, a petition by the families of inmates tired of paying sky-high rates for prison telephone calls landed at the Federal Communications Commission.

Phone companies that charge high rates say most of their revenue goes to governments in the form of commissions that help pay for their criminal justice systems. 

Is this fair? 

‘Middle of Nowhere’

This fall, Clyburn helped arrange a screening of “Middle of Nowhere” at the FCC. It is a fictional film about a family who struggles when a father is sent to jail. “Middle of Nowhere” was produced by Participant Media, which also produced Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and promotes causes while promoting movies.

“We believe that a story well told can change the world,” said Chad Boettcher, Participant’s vice president of social action and advocacy. “We look for issues we call ‘tippable.’ Is there something that film can push to move the issue forward? I think we found it.”

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