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TakePart TV Launches New Series, Dispatch: Turning The Tide

TPTV is launching a brand new series today! Dispatch: Turning The Tide documents how a successful touring band has turned the classic rock and roll tour on its ear by mobilizing their fans around special service-oriented projects at each stop along the way. In our story, eight lucky fans go on the road with the band to experience first hand a totally different kind of rock and roll life. The series hits the site at 1:30p PST with a live Google Hangout with the band. Moderated by one of BFD’s newest hosts, David Park, we’ll talk to the band about their unique take on touring and social action, and take questions from fans. At the end they’ll throw to the series, four episodes in total – all of which go up at once. When: 1:30 PST Where: Take Part TV!