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TakePart Presents Web Documentary Series “Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution”

Written and Narrated by Sam Slovick, the Five-Part Series Gives an Intimate Inside Look at the Los Angeles Branch of the Occupy Movement as Told by Experts, Leaders, and Passionate Voices from the Ground

  TakePart, the content-driven Social Action Network™ and the digital arm of Participant Media, the leading provider of entertainment that inspires and accelerates social change, presents Occupy LA: Scenes From The New Revolution, a five-part web documentary series. Launching on January 6, 2012 on TakePart’s YouTube Channel, the Occupy LA: Scenes From The New Revolution features personal stories, interviews with experts and leaders, footage from the inner sanctum, and graphics that bring the sometimes chaotic picture of the movement into a sharp provocative and emotional focus.   Written and narrated by Sam Slovick (Slake, Details, LA Weekly, MTV) and produced by Adam Trunell, each episode in the five-part series is five-to-six minutes in length and unveils an engaging and intimate portrait of Occupy LA – what the movement is and what is in its future. Slovick’s investigative, authentic and “from the ground” reporting style captures the passionate stories from the movement’s “Outliers” (episode 2), “Activists (episode 3), and “Police” (episode 4) and creates a kaleidoscopic and refreshing perspective on Occupy LA.   “Occupy Wall Street is the most important story today. It’s the Second American Revolution,” said Slovick. “After setting up camp at City Hall, the occupation began to come into focus for me and I knew that I and this series would capture the sometimes inarticulate voice of the people of the populist movement.”   TakePart produced the Occupy LA series in collaboration with Sam Slovick. TakePart was launched in 2008 by Participant Media to form communities of people who are active and interested in creating a world of peace and sustainability and to amplify the impact of its films and NGO partners. TakePart Productions uses video to inspire awareness and social change, which has spurred such short-form content as Voices, about the anniversary of 9/11, and Why Tuesday with Jacob Soboroff   “Reporting behind the lines, Sam was able to place Occupy in its proper context, and locate it within living history,” said Jenna Briand, Vice President of Content at TakePart. “We’re excited to bring the biggest social action story of the year to TakePart.”   A new episode will air weekly starting January 6. Episode highlights are as follows:   Episode 1: The Year of Dissent An introduction to the global movement and its relation to Los Angeles   Episode 2: The Outliers The bottom-tier of the 99% find and make their voices heard in the Occupy LA camp   Episode 3: The Activists Occupy LA faction leaders band together around a myriad of issues at stake in Los Angeles and the nation   Episode 4: The Police Occupy LA’s unique and corporative relationship with law enforcement and city hall remains civil until the occupation is terminated; a close look at the role of law enforcement in the movement   Episode 5: The Future What is next for the Occupiers? TakePart (TakePart.com) is the digital division and online Social Action Network of Participant Media, an entertainment company that focuses on documentary and narrative feature films, television, publishing and digital content about the real issues that shape our lives. For each of its projects, Participant creates social action and advocacy programs to transform the impact of the media experience into individual and community action. Founded by Chairman Jeff Skoll in 2004, Jim Berk serves as CEO. Participant’s films include The Kite Runner, Charlie Wilson’s War, An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night, and Good Luck, The Visitor, Food, Inc., The Cove, The Crazies, Countdown to Zero, Waiting for “Superman,” Fair Game, The Help and Contagion.