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TakePart Action Platform Offers New Action Types for Socially Conscious Consumers

LOS ANGELES (April 7, 2015) – Participant Media’s digital lifestyle magazine and social action platform TakePart has released a suite of new features for the innovative TakePart Action Platform (TAP). Today, the company announced the incorporation of two new action types: the ability to send customized “Letters” directed to relevant government officials; and the ability to share their “Story,” allowing users to submit their own text, videos and photos.

Developed by TakePart, TAP offers the most comprehensive set of actions types for online consumers who are cause–minded. The flexible advocacy tool now generates approximately 1 million actions taken in March while the content of these actions are provided by more than 100 leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that make up Participant’s Social Action Network (SAN). The full list of action types powered by TAP include the ability to:

  • Sign petitions
  • Take personal pledges 
  • Give donations 
  • Send letters of support 
  • Learn more about an issue 
  • Share stories, photos and video (new)
  • Send letters to government officials (new)
  • Track your impact via a personal ‘Impact Dashboard’

Individual actions populate automatically with related articles, for example, through a proprietary content-to-action matching technology, and appear seamlessly to online visitors. Implementing the tool requires no backend development by publishers. Since its launch, TAP has appeared on websites such as the Daily Beast and Mashable, among others.


Research conducted by Participant Media, as part of The Participant Index (TPI), shows a connection between consumers’ civic and community involvement and general concern about social issues, with their overall media consumption (The Participant Index Report—Volume Two, November 2014), making a tool that connects content to action relevant and useful.

“Our goal with TAP is to make it as easy as possible for people to act on social issues when they learn about them through media anywhere on the web,” said Karina Kogan, EVP, Digital for Participant. “That is why we built something that seamlessly connects any relevant digital content to action, and is distributable, diverse, and easy to install by other digital publishers and NGOs.” 

For NGOs, TAP has proved to be an important lead generation, engagement and donation activation tool.

“Growth in online channels over the last few years is providing near limitless opportunities to connect with concerned citizens to advance conservation,” said David Glass, head of online marketing at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “Systems like the TakePart Action Platform give us powerful tools to engage people right at the moment they are learning about critical threats to wildlife and nature.”

Current opportunities for Story and Letter action types are on TakePart.com now, including one from WWF who is asking people to send letters to their local representatives requesting their support for actions that will help stop the flow of illegal timber to the U.S. The action can be found here.

To find more actions and information about TAP, visit: http://takeaction.takepart.com, follow @TakePart on Twitter or “Like” https://www.facebook.com/takepart on Facebook.


About TakePart

Participant Media’s TakePart (http://www.TakePart.com) is a digital news and lifestyle magazine and social action platform for the conscious consumer. TakePart’s mission is to inspire and accelerate social change by connecting compelling content to action, and its proprietary “TakePart Action Platform.” (TAP) is a widget that allows the site to embed petitions, pledges, and other actions within relevant editorial content. TAP also powers engagement for Participant Media films and for Participant’s television network Pivot, (http://www.Pivot.tv) available in approximately 47 million homes in the U.S.

Participant (http://www.ParticipantMedia.com) is the global entertainment company founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll to focus on feature film, television, publishing, and digital content that inspires social change. Through its films, social action campaigns, digital network, and its television network, Participant seeks to entertain, encourage and empower every individual to take action.