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‘Spotlight’ is This Generation’s ‘All the President’s Men’ – USA TODAY

Review: ‘Spotlight’ is this generation’s ‘All the President’s Men’

USA Today  – Nov. 6, 2015

By Brian Truitt


No need to bury the lede: Spotlight is a masterpiece.

Director Tom McCarthy’s drama (**** out of four; rated R; opens Friday in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, nationwide Nov. 20) embraces both great cinema and even better journalism as it chronicles a Boston Globe investigative team’s real-life expose on child abuse by local priests and the Catholic Church cover-up that followed. Not only is it an amazingly crafted movie, it’s an important one as well.

The Globe group won a Pulitzer Prize for its 2002 work, but the real tale begins a year earlier with the arrival of new boss Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) to the newspaper. He wants to see the Globe dig into some really hefty stuff, like following up on a recent column accusing a priest of sexually molesting dozens of kids over three decades. Read more.