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SF Chronicle Says Last Call at the Oasis Is “Insightfully Scary”

Last Call at the Oasis San Francisco Chronicle Capsule Review by Allen Johnson April 15, 2012. Palo Alto native Jessica Yu, who won an Academy Award for best short documentary in 1997 for “Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien,” about the disabled Berkeley journalist and poet, is back with a insightfully scary look at our dwindling water supply. Things are bad. Global warming is evaporating some of it, rising populations are using more of it, and industrial chemicals are seeping into the rest of it. Solution? Well, one is to recycle our urine, the way the astronauts do. Blech. Among the many questions raised – will California become the new Australia? Erin Brockovich and, improbably, Jack Black are along for the globe-trotting ride, and Yu keeps things moving along at a brisk pace. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/04/15/PK5V1NV6EB.DTL