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SBIFF 2012 – Outstanding Performance of The Year – Viola Davis (The Help)

On Friday, January 27th Viola Davis was presented SBIFF’s Outstanding Performance of The Year Award! Ms. Davis’ heartfelt performance in The Help along with an incredible retrospective of her career energized The Arlington Theatre. Before the show we asked Ms. Davis and her co-star Academy Award Nominee Octavia Spencer some questions about their performances! Moderated by acclaimed Hollywood journalist Anne Thompson the tribute featured numerous highlights of Ms. Davis’ vast career. To present her award SBIFF went all out, arranging an appearance from the iconic Civil Rights Movement Activist Myrlie Evers, who’s husband Medgar Evers’ murder inspired the plot of The Help. Ms. Evers was the first chairwoman of the NAACP and ran for Congress in the State of California. This truly was a night for the history books! To watch video, click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUoa-psR1I0