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San Jose Mercury News mentions TakePart’s ‘Teacher Stories’ campaign inspired by the documentary ‘Teach’

Inspired by Acclaimed Documentary ‘Teach,’ TakePart.com Launches ‘Teacher Stories’ Campaign, Pledging up to Fifty Thousand Dollars to U.S. Public Schools

DonorsChoose.org, GreatSchools.org, and other leading organizations supporting new campaign at www.takepart.com/teach 

San Jose Mercury News  – April 7, 2014 –


Inspired by the stories of great teachers featured in the acclaimed documentaryTeach, Participant Media’s TakePart.com has launched ‘Teacher Stories’, a campaign encouraging everyone to share their own stories of outstanding teachers, past and present who have positively impacted their lives. The best of the submitted teacher stories will be shared via TakePart.com and on Pivot TV’s news show Take Part Live.

For each eligible teacher story it receives, TakePart.com will add $1 to its initial $10,000 pledge to support select U.S. public schools featured in the selected teacher stories through DonorsChoose.org, up to a maximum of $50,000. The campaign is live now at www.takepart.com/teach.

“Every one of us has benefitted from great teachers, but they don’t get recognized for their impact often enough,” said Karina Kogan, Executive Vice President at TakePart.com. “The Teacher Stories campaign is designed to show our favorite teachers some well-deserved appreciation, as well as funding that will directly benefit today’s classrooms.”

“In the process of making Teach, I saw firsthand how a great teacher can transform a life. The ‘Teacher Stories’ campaign takes the film even further by providing a platform to celebrate our teachers and inspire a new generation of teaching professionals,” added Davis Guggenheim, Director of Teach.

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