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Positive CinemaBlend Review of ‘No’

TIFF 2012: The Chilean Earworm That Brought Down A Dictator

“It’ll have you leaving the theater singing!” is the kind of hacky quote you might see on the poster for a Broadway musical, but I swear to God, it happened to me after one of the best films I’ve seen at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. I walked into Pablo Larrain’s No knowing pretty much three things: it starred Gael Garcia Bernal, it was somehow about the dictator Pinochet, and I knew absolutely nothing about Pinochet. There was also somekind of word of good buzz about it from the Cannes Film Festival, but you probably assume that means the same thing I did– it would be an important but possibly stiff and serious story about politics in a South American country, rewarding but probably difficult to sit through.

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