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Please Like ‘Please Like Me’ – The Boston Globe

Please Like ‘Please Like Me’

The Boston Globe  – Oct. 16,  2015

By: Matthew Gilbert

I count myself among the many who regularly stumble across “Seinfeld” moments in their everyday lives, who revere the 1990s comedy of manners for putting peculiar urban customs under a microscope, who find both humor and cause for reflection in the show’s unblinking take on self-absorption and petty thinking.

The “Seinfeld” fab four — let’s say five, and throw in Larry David, who later created “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — were ruthless and malevolent. And it was those crude qualities — remember the time Jerry grabbed a marble rye from an elderly woman and ran? — that made them so hysterical. They didn’t much care whether anyone liked them.

But I want to heap praise on a comedy whose modus operandi is at the opposite end of the spectrum from “Seinfeld.” The show is called “Please Like Me,” it’s from Australia, and it airs in this country on a little-known but widely received channel called Pivot. The third season of “Please Like Me” has just begun, on Friday nights at 10, and the first two are available for free on Hulu, among other places. Watch them.

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