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Pivot’s Upfront presentation featured in The New York Times

By Stuart Elliott

The New York Times  – April 16, 2014

A small, somewhat new cable channel is wooing additional viewers and advertisers by beefing up its original programming, including what would be its first original scripted series.

The channel, Pivot, was introduced in July with the backing of Participant Media. Pivot is aimed at a young audience — so-called millennials or Generation Y, who are roughly ages 18 to 34 — and is courting the marketers that seek to reach those consumers.

To increase its appeal, Pivot is turning to names that would be familiar to millennials in realms like politics, Broadway, Hollywood and corporate social responsibility. (The channel specializes in purpose-driven programming because issues like protecting the environment appeal to many younger Americans, channel executives explain.)

For instance, Meghan McCain, who formerly hosted a show on Pivot called “Raising McCain,” will return to the channel. Ms. McCain, a daughter of Senator John McCain, will be one of three hosts of “TakePart Live,” a late-night talk show that the channel will move to 10 p.m. in May.

“TakePart Live” is also getting a new production company, Embassy Row, which specializes in live talk and chat shows like “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo and “Talking Dead” on AMC.

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