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Pivot’s Critically Acclaimed Series, ‘Please Like Me’ Returns Friday, August 8

NEW YORK (July 1, 2014) – Critically acclaimed, original comedy series, “Please Like Me” returns for its highly anticipated second season, premiering on Friday, August 8 at 10:30pm ET/PT only on Pivot.  The comedy series created, written and executive produced by 26-year old comedian Josh Thomas is inspired in part by the painfully awkward events of his own life.  Season two gives viewers another glimpse into Josh’s darkly hilarious life with ten all-new, half-hour installments.

“I think this is where I’m supposed to say how excited I am about season two,” says Josh Thomas. “I’m anxious for people to see season two. I think we did a good job. I hope we did a good job. Oh god… hooray!”

During season one of “Please Like Me,” Josh was dumped by his girlfriend; gained, and lost, a boyfriend; came out to his parents; lost his eccentric great aunt; and moved back in with his bipolar mother after her suicide attempt.  Season two follows Josh half-heartedly fighting a quarter life crisis and trying to get through the day without upsetting anyone. His mum continues to struggle with mental illness; his best friend Tom chooses all the wrong girls; his dad has a new baby to look after; and Josh, in his own awkward, self-centered and entertainingly frank way, has to juggle them all while trying to find himself a boyfriend.

Inspired by the series, and continuing its mission to spark conversation and inspire change, Pivot has teamed with the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) on Say Something, a social action campaign that highlights the experiences of the 1 in 4 individuals living with mental illness to help de-stigmatize the issue, and sway policymakers to prioritize passing comprehensive mental health legislation.

“Please Like Me”, a Pivot Original Series, is a Pigeon Fancier and John & Josh International Production, produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The series was created and written by Josh Thomas, Executive Produced by Todd Abbott and Kevin Whyte. Jeff Skoll and Holly Hines serve as Executive Producers for Pivot. Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh serve as Executive Producers for ABC (Australia). The series also stars Thomas Ward, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, Caitlin Stasey, Wade Briggs, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard, Renee Lim, Denise Drysdale, Keegan Joyce, Charlotte Nicdao, Charles Cottier, and Hannah Gadsby.

Descriptions for episodes one through three are below.


Josh, Tom, and their housemate, the naturally good-looking and effortlessly cool Patrick, go out dancing. We meet Josh’s new baby sister Grace and Josh agrees to babysit. It does not go well. When Dad and Mae pick her up, the house is full: Niamh is visiting Tom, Patrick has a boy around, and Mum arrives, in a manic state, with a puppy. She’s gone off her meds.


Mum is admitted into a private hospital, and struggles to accept her fate. Patrick has a birthday party where Tom meets Jenny and Josh meets Arnold. When Mum’s room-mate looks like she’s attempting suicide, Mum leaves the hospital and goes to find Josh. Josh takes her back and meets her fellow patients, Hannah and Ginger, and seems to have more fun there than at the party.


Out of the blue, Geoffrey calls Josh and they go on a date. Arnold books himself into the same mental home as Mum. Mum and Ginger become closer. Dad and Mae have their first baby panic moment. Jenny discovers Tom is still having sex with Niamh and laughs it off. Impressed, Tom asks her to be his girlfriend.

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