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Pivot to Premiere PTSD Documentary on Veterans Day (EXCLUSIVE)

Pivot to Premiere PTSD Documentary on Veterans Day (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter  – November 7, 2014

By Aaron Couch



Pivot TV is putting the focus on an important issue Veterans Day. Pivot is premiering Ric Roman Waugh’s documentary, That Which I Love Destroys Me, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The film takes look at post-traumatic stress disorder facing veterans returning from war. It centers on two vets — best friends Tyler Grey (Delta Force) and Army Ranger Jayson Floyd and looks at how PTSD affects their daily lives, and through them the lives of their friends and families.

“Our intentions (with this documentary) are to break the stigma veterans face of asking for help and to show through Tyler and Jayson’s own personal journeys with PTSD how society can help normalize the reintegration process for our returning men and women,” says Waugh.

The documentary is part of a Pivot initiative called Return to Service, which aims to celebrate the bravery of veterans by examining the challenges they face when returning home. The year-long initiative will also include a 10-city tour of Waugh, Grey and Floyd, who will screen the documentary around the country for vets. Pivot and the Armed Forces Foundation are lending support for the tour.

“With millions of young veterans facing serious health issues following their return from war, this is an important story to share with our audience,” said Kent Rees, general manager, Pivot. “Through Jayson and Tyler’s personal stories we hope to shed light on PTSD and help remove the stigma so that other veterans, and their families and friends will seek the help and support they deserve.”

That Which I Love Destroys Me premieres Nov. 11 at 7 ST / 4 PST.