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Peter Knegt names ‘Please Like Me’ #1 Comedy he’d like to see nominated

Indiewire Senior Editor Peter Knegt names “Please Like Me” No. One comedy series he’d like to see nominated. Emmys: 12 of the Best Comedy Series We’d Like to See Nominated (But Probably Won’t Be) BY PETER KNEGT AND BEN TRAVERS JULY 3, 2014 1:01 PM   “Please Like Me” PK: I think I’ve vouched for this show in every single one of these we’ve done in which it was eligible, so there’s no surprise what my No. 1 is — and if you have not heard of “Please Like Me,” you should immediately find a way to watch it’s first season (as soon as you’re done reading this article, at least). The Australian import — picked up for US release on Pivot — is a half-hour comedy-drama based on the autobiographical stand-up of 26-year-old gay Aussie comedian Josh Thomas. It’s hilarious and heartfelt and complex… Enough so that the first season gained something of a cult following, and the second (premiering next month) should be an event as far as I’m concerned. It’s probably more likely the other five shows I’ve mentioned will all be nominated than Emmy voters doing exactly what this show’s title suggests, but at least you can be better than them by going and liking it yourself.