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Participant Media’s Year-Long Camaign ‘Return the Service’ Celebrates Veterans Day with Activities and Events Honoring Those Who Served Our Country

Participant Media celebrates vets with events and activities on and around Veteran’s Day, today!

That Which I Love Destroys Me, a documentary exploring PTSD through the eyes of two returning vets, premieres today on Pivot. The documentary from Ric Roman Waugh (Snitch) debuted late October at the Austin Film Festival to an emotional reception and standing ovation.

TakePart.com continues its focus on veterans, their triumphs and challenges in returning home from war.

“Return the Service” (RTS) teamed up with GotYour6 (GY6), a coalition of NGOs dedicated to helping returning vets, for the campaign and events including “The Storytellers.”  A highlight reel featuring TakePart Live’s Meghan McCain and veteran guests was shown at the GY6 Storytellers event in NYC. The event showcased veterans whose innovative ideas have profound effects across the world to attendees and special guests include John Oliver, Meghan McCain, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. You can watch the reel here.

On Thursday a special ‘Return the Service’ interstitial featuring McCain will be shown at the IAVA’s Annual Gala, a gathering to honor esteemed military and civilians. You can watch her short video here.

Finally, in the spirit of TakePart Live’s Pivet 11 series honoring veterans, Participant Media is creating a “Return the Service” Challenge Coin. The coin, often used in the military and bearing an organization’s emblem to show that the carrier is part of the group, will be given to past and future Pivet 11 guests. The coin will also be given out to troops, members of organizations, and nonprofits to show they are part of the Return the Service community.