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Meghan McCain hosts tastemaker blog Refinery 29 at her LA home to talk about style, politics, and her new show on Pivot.

Tour of Meghan McCain’s L.A. Digs By Ali Hoffman Refinery 29 – July 23, 2014   If there’s such a thing as a “typical” politician’s kid (see Katie Holmes in First Daughter), Meghan McCain is not it. But, that’s exactly why we find her so compelling. She’s an uncensored tweeter, blasting out photos of herself with the caption “The bad news is I locked myself out in my pajamas and no bra.” She’s, admittedly, “very impulsive.” And, she has, without a doubt, a voice and a platform all her own. Ms. McCain moved to L.A. just a few months back, but she’s already landed herself a gig as the cohost of Pivot’s nightly show TakePart Live. On top of that, she was recently appointed to GLAAD’s national board of directors. Impressive stuff. Ahead, we speak with Senator John McCain’s daughter about her recent move to Los Angeles, being prejudged, and why she loves to interview rappers. Oh, and we also tour her wild, new L.A. Digs. Interview and slideshow at the link.