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Kristin Davis Turns Producer For ‘Gardeners Of Eden’ Documentary On Pivot

Kristin Davis Turns Producer For ‘Gardeners of Eden’ Documentary On Pivot TV

Deadline Hollywood – May 21. 2015

By Antonia Blyth

She may be known predominantly for her iconic role as Charlotte York in Sex and the City, but Kristin Davis is far from a Park Avenue princess. In 2013, with no filmmaking experience, she threw herself into Executive Producing her first documentary, Gardeners of Eden, highlighting the danger of imminent elephant extinction. Made in conjunction with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, directed by Austin Peck and Annaliese Vandenberg and shown on Participant Media’s television network Pivot, Davis’ documentary takes us deep into the ivory trade, which is still prevalent in the US. Having worked with The David Sheldrick Trust since 2009, Davis’ film was made with a three-person team and sheer determination, as she says, “post-production is very, very hard for an actress who never does post-production, so it was definitely a learning curve.” Read the complete article here.