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‘Kingdom of Shadows’ is an ‘Intimate and Personal Portrait’ – The Hollywood Reporter

‘Kingdom of Shadows’: Film Review

The Hollywood Reporter – Nov. 18, 2015


Filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz puts a human face — three faces, to be exact — on the war on drugs in his documentary profiling three compelling figures who’ve been in the front lines dealing with the Mexican drug cartels. Providing a chilling nonfiction parallel to the recent Sicario, Kingdom of Shadows is both heartbreaking and disturbing.

Ruiz has chosen his subjects wisely. They are Sister Consuelo Morales, a 60-something nun based in the city of Monterrey who devotes herself to consoling the families of those who have gone missing and pressing government officials to do something about it; Don Henry Ford Jr., a grizzled Texas rancher who was a marijuana smuggler in the 1980s; and Oscar Hagelsieb, a former undercover agent who now is a senior Homeland Security officer. Read more.