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Josh Thomas talks Season 2 of ‘Please Like Me’ with Entertainment Weekly

By Mandi Bierly

Entertainment Weekly  – April 16, 2014 –

‘Please Like Me’, the coming-of-age comedy created by and starring Aussie comedian Josh Thomas, was named one of Entertainment Weekly‘s Top 10 shows of 2013 for its “spot-on portrayal of quarterlife confusion.” If you haven’t caught up – season 1′s six episodes are available on iTunes — you’ll want to before the second season premieres Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Pivot. Season 2 jumps ahead a few years and finds Josh living with best friend Tom (Thomas Ward) and new housemate/potential love interest Patrick (Charles Cottier), as seen in our exclusive photo of the three men and a baby (who belongs to Josh’s dad and Mae).

Though Thomas finds the idea of teasing his show funny — “It’s not Lost…. Josh wakes up and tries not to piss people off, and then that’s it, right? Bakes at some point,” he jokes – we did get a few more details out of him when he stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio’s TV Editor’s Hour on Tuesday. Josh’s mum is now living in a psychiatric hospital. Geoffrey, Josh’s ex, will make an appearance. Claire and Tom go through a “rough time.” And Niamh, of course, finds something to get upset with Tom about.

Listen to the clip below to find out more: What Thomas’ beloved dog John is up to in season 2 (and why John shouldn’t be threatened by the press release touting “a puppy” on the show); why Thomas is happy Ward has had a tough year; how successful Thomas was at increasing Josh’s number of love interests; which classic ballad actors were mistakenly told to prep for their auditions; and which viewers have Thomas a bit nervous.

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