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How Participant Sparks Social Change Through Film

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Denver Frederick


This edition of the Business of Giving features David Linde, CEO of Participant Media. Participant is an independent media production company founded by Jeffrey Skoll of the Skoll Foundation. Participant Media is dedicated to spurring social change around the world, and Linde discusses how many of its movies, TV shows, and digital programs arise from social-impact campaigns. Films include An Inconvenient Truth, Roma, Human Flow,and the recent Dark Waters and Just Mercy. Media like this is achieving new levels of commercial success and reaching millions of viewers through streaming services.

To accelerate activism on issues like climate change and the global refugee crisis, Participant works with artists, distributors, as well as “NGOs, foundations, and nonprofits all around the world who are doing the boots-on-the ground work.” Read More.