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Filmmakers Talk ‘RBG’ and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Impact on the “Next Generation of Activists”

The Hollywood Reporter

By Joelle Goldstein

April 24, 2018

Photo Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

As the saying goes, “Though she be little, she is fierce.” For United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this could not be more accurate. At 85, Ginsburg is a complete embodiment of that phrase. And for RBG filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen, it was a no-brainer that Ginsburg deserved the spotlight on the big screen.

“Her life story is cinematic,” explained co-director Julie Cohen. “It has everything; it’s got obstacles, it’s got a heroine overcoming the odds, it’s got a beautiful love story, it’s got a message. She’s just perfectly deserving of full movie treatment and it just seems like how could you not turn her story into a film?”

After premiering at the Sundance Festival in January, RBG made its L.A. screening debut on Monday night at The London in West Hollywood. The documentary, co-produced by Storyville Films and CNN Films, tells the story of Ginsburg’s life and her rise to fame as a political icon, becoming the second woman in history to sit as an U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Read more