Captain Watson and his crews have confronted whaling vessels from Europe to the Southern Ocean, seal hunters in Canada, and shark finners in Central America. WATSON blends revealing contemporary interviews with Captain Watson, archival clips of Sea Shepherd’s dramatic encounters, and spectacular underwater nature footage, as award-winning documentarian Lesley Chilcott (An Inconvenient TruthWaiting for “Superman”) paints a fascinating portrait of a man willing to put his own life at risk in a relentless quest to protect the oceans and the marine life within.

Director: Lesley Chilcott

Producers: Louise Runge, Lesley Chilcott, Wolfgang Knöpfler

Exec Producers: Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Elise Pearlstein, Walter Köhler and Dinah Czezik-Müller

Cinematography: Logan Schneider

Composer: Christophe Beck

Animal Planet Production: Erin Wanner, Senior Vice President, Production


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