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Fandango Debuts ‘Denial’ Exclusive Featurette

Exclusive ‘Denial’ Clip Goes Behind the Scenes of the True Story

Fandango  – September 28, 2016

Denial, a new drama from the director of The Bodyguard, is the true story of an incredibly important but largely unknown legal battle in the ’90s.

In 1993 an American historian named Deborah Lipstadt wrote a book examining a movement of people denying that the Holocaust ever took place. One of the figures mentioned in the book was a British writer named David Irving whom she accused of not only denying the Nazi’s killed millions of innocent people, but of falsifying documents to back up his claims. Irving later sued Lipstadt for libel, which in turn wrapped her up in a surprisingly complex legal struggle an ocean away.

Rachel Weisz stars in Denial, which hits theaters on September 30, and we’ve got an exclusive featurette on the movie that does a great job of setting up the story and establishing why this unexpected lawsuit could have had ramifications the world over. View the featurette here.