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Exclusive: Don’t Miss The New Gender Equity Campaign Inspired by the RBG Movie

Refinery 29
By Ludmila Leiva
January 18, 2019
Though she’s long been an icon, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“RBG”) has increasingly stepped into the media spotlight lately. Her decades-long legacy is the inspiration behind the recent film On The Basis Of Sex, which chronicles some of the challenges she has faced in her long fight for equal rights.
Though the film is sure to inspire viewers, it’s also spurred the creation of a new initiative jointly spearheaded by Participant Media and the ACLU called All Rise. Hinged on the idea that “it takes everyone to create real change,” the campaign calls on individuals to take action in the continued fight for gender equity.
Through the ACLU’s new digital tool, users are able to learn about workplace equity issues at both state and federal levels as well as take real action signing petitions and contacting policymakers. Read more