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Teach Discussion Guide

It is estimated that within the next 10 years, 50% of America’s teachers are eligible for retirement. With this staggering fact in mind, Academy Award®-winning documentarian Davis Guggenheim has decided to ask a timely question: What is a teacher? The answer is TEACH, a rare glimpse inside four public-school classrooms filmed over an entire school year through the eyes, hearts, and minds of four inspirational teachers. 

The “Viewing Guidelines” section offers activities for groups, families, or individuals before, during, and after watching the film. These activities are opportunities for viewers to make connections between the documentary and their own experiences, as well as to encourage a robust conversation. Because one of the primary objectives of the film is to inspire real-life change, there is a comprehensive section that can help each of us make a difference, by giving back to our teachers and helping students – both individually and through established organizations. By engaging with this guide, audiences will deepen their understanding of the film’s content, and will be provided with the tools to help turn inspiration into action.