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Carr, Stelter Answer Questions about Media, New York Times at SXSW ‘Page One’ Documentary Screening

Steve Myers/Poynter “Page One,” a movie about The New York Times, was screened at SXSW on Friday night. Steve Myers attended the screening and the Q&A that followed with David Carr and Brian Stelter and recorded the conversation, which we are publishing below (accompanied by the sound of Steve typing). Documentary director Andrew Rossi spent 14 months with the media reporters at the TimesThe movie premiered at Sundance in January, to positive reviews. Here are some highlights from their SXSW conversation, which included a discussion of Arianna Huffington and AOL, NPR, the New York Times pay wall and more. · Rossi: “Bill Keller … after much discussion, said, ‘I’m really proud of what my writers do. And I would like the world to see it.’ “ · Carr: “I don’t know how you talked them into it. We had just gotten past the thing where Jon Stewart came from ‘The Daily Show’ and I was one of the people who said, ‘That would be great.’ We looked like total idiots on ‘The Daily Show.’ “ · Carr: “If we borrowed something from Arianna and AOL that would certainly be a reversal.”   To view entire article, please click on the following link: http://journ.us/fGTHWw