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#BeTheHelp: new campaign by National Domestic Workers Alliance

Posted on December 4, 2011 by Sandra RebuildTheDream.com It’s not every day that a major Hollywood movie shines a light on hidden injustice. The movie “The Help,” which brought the lives, work and struggles of domestic workers to the big screen in an unprecedented way, has been released on DVD. Now, the film’s producers, Participant Media, have released a new video series which features members of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. You can watch the videos here. Our allies in the National Domestic Workers Alliance are also launching a new campaign, #BeTheHelp, to give everyone who has been moved by “The Help” a way to be part of improving the lives and working conditions of modern-day domestic workers. Learn more about the conditions and courage of today’s domestic workers, take action, and share this information with your friends at the #BeTheHelp campaign page. Please join us in this exciting new campaign, and #BeTheHelp we need to win respect and recognition for domestic workers across the nation and around the world. http://rebuildthedream.com/blog/2011/12/04/bethehelp-new-campaign-by-national-domestic-workers-alliance/