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Australian Story on Pivot Bringing ‘Please Like Me’ to U.S. Audiences

Josh Thomas has a Carrie Bradshaw moment, with his Please Like Me show claiming US attention. Photo: Andrew Murfett

Josh Thomas gets his Sex and the City moment

MICHAEL LALLO July 30, 2013

Australian comedian Josh Thomas has become the face of a new American TV channel – with the network commissioning and co-producing a second season of his comedy series Please Like Me.

Pivot – a irreverent, edgy cable channel aimed at 18- to 34-year-olds – has plastered photos of Thomas on huge bus advertisements in major US cities.

His image also dominates the home page of Pivot’s website.

The network is so confident in Please Like Me that it will screen all six episodes of the first season back-to-back when it launches on August 1.

“Josh is a true star in the making,” said Pivot president Evan Shapiro. “Everyone who sees Please Like Me falls in love with Josh and this series because it’s a hysterical, authentic snapshot of a quarter-life crisis in the 21st century.”

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