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Al Gore, Jeff Skoll and Others Recount The Making Of ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ 10 Years Later

‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ 10 Years Later: Al Gore, Jeff Skoll and More Dish in THR’s Oral History

The Hollywood Reporter – May 19, 2016

By Stephen Galloway

On Jan. 20, 2001, Al Gore left the White House after losing one of the most divisive presidential elections in U.S. history. His future was unclear, but he knew it would include combating climate change.

Gore resurrected a slide show he’d put together while still in the Senate that became the inspiration for An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 film that was named best feature documentary at the 79th Academy Awards. (Gore, now 68, was not an Oscar recipient, but he did win a Nobel Peace Prize the following year.) The $1.1 million picture became one of the most successful documentaries in history, earning nearly $50 million at the global box office. Read more.