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Dark Waters


Dark Waters Story

DARK WATERS tells the story of Attorney Rob Bilott, who uncovered one of the worst cases of environmental contamination in modern history. Upon discovering the devastating effects of PFAS on human health, Bilott forced corporations to be held accountable and still works today to ensure communities are able to protect themselves. Today, forever chemicals impact nearly 99% of Americans with our firefighters and men and women in uniform at an even higher risk of exposure. Our laws and public institutions are failing to protect us. But, together, we have the power to change that

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American Factory

Worker's Rights

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AMERICAN FACTORY  documents the revitalization of one long-shuttered factory while providing a startling glimpse into a global economic realignment now playing out in towns and cities across the country — and around the world. As work around the world continues to evolve, so does the need to spark a global conversation about what’s happening to workers and how we can shape a more equitable future of work. Join the community shaping the conversation today.

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Child Welfare

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind



Social Justice

America to Me


On the basis of sex

Gender Equality

The Price of Free

Child Slavery

Human Flow

Human Rights

An Inconvenient Sequel

Climate Change



Teen Vogue features five youth-led climate justice groups making a difference.
Global Citizen has compiled a list of 17 sexist laws that still exist in the US.
Educators at California’s biggest online charter school chain threatened to stop showing up.
Global Citizen has compiled a list of 17 sexist laws that still exist in the US.